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Behind-the-scene : Un, deux, trois... Cueillette !

Welcome to my blog !

A quick introduction to me if you don't know me. I'm Virginie, better known as Helimalala. I'm a 3D illustrator and I wanted to take advantage of this blog to share with you part of the process of my work. If you'd like to see more, I make videos of some of the production stages on Patreon.

Sketches for character concept art and color key illustration
sketches concept art "Jo"

I always wanted to do something special for Easter so told to myself :"Why not create a bunny ?" The design for this character came very quickly in my head. It was pretty neat to make.

Bunny's head and body after sculpting
Character development

the bunny character finished with his clothes
Bunny's ready

It was the first time I use the needle felting on a posable character. Next, I sew the clothes directly on my character.

A lot of first time in this illustration. I never paint this big before I made illustrations. I have to say that I love learning this skills. I use acrylics for my paintings.

Painting of the background of the illustration

And for the final sharing, this is my workshop where I set up my elements for a photo shoot. As you can see my lightings are pretty simple for this illustration. But, I'm pleased to say that I've learned a lot about setting up my lights as I've been illustrating.

The set with all the elements ready to take pictures
photo shoot

I think that's all for now. I'll be back every month to share the rest of my work with you! I'll announce them on my newsletter so if you're interested, feel free to subscribe !

In the meantime, take care and see you soon!

helimalala x

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